Sparx Teachers of the Term

Celebrating the very best of our Sparx Teachers

The Sparx Teachers of the Term awards celebrate Sparx Teachers, and their creative initiatives, inventive rewards systems, and for creating a general passion and enthusiasm for Sparx at their schools.

We know what an excellent job so many of our teachers do using Sparx within their schools, so we want to give them the chance to nominate colleagues who go above and beyond to use Sparx in a positively impactful way.

Sparx Teachers of the Term

Summer 2023

Mohammed Saqib at Laisterdyke Leadership Academy

Mohammed was nominated by a number of his colleagues for going above and beyond with Sparx to support his students. They described him as ‘exceptional’, going the extra mile to make sure his classes are getting the most from Sparx and reaching 100% completion.

Emma Buckley at Northampton Academy

Emma was nominated for her persistent support for students… even during a recent residential to Cornwall! Emma goes over and above to make sure they can complete their Sparx.

Heidi Boswell at Melior Community Academy

Heidi was nominated for her care and support for all students to ensure they are able to complete their homework.

Jess Skelton at Northampton Academy

Jess was nominated for her relentless approach to supporting students with their Sparx Homework.

Spring 2023

Asad Mahmood at Laisterdyke Leadership Academy

Asad was nominated by many members of his department for creating a positive culture of Sparx within school where students are proud of their achievements and tell teachers how many XP they are on. Completion rates across the school have improved by 50% since the start of the year and are now consistently around 80%+!

Sam Brenan at The Carlton Academy

Sam has used Sparx to “transform” Maths homework at his school. He has created a buzz around Sparx via various competitions including a “World Cup”. This has led to a huge improvement in students engagement and enjoyment in Maths homework, making them feel confident in their maths ability.

Titus Todd at Saint Mary Magdalene All-Through School

Titus has been relentless in his Sparx positivity. He reminds students to attend catch up clubs and ensuring students and staff are confident with how to use the platform. He has been “integral” to the success of Sparx in his department.

Laura Brookes at Yate Academy

Laura has driven a real change in the number students successfully completing their work and achieving 100% on compulsory homework. She encourages students to use Independent Learning on top of their homework and has many strategies to increase completion.

Zaniab Choski at Churchdown School

Zainab has been nominated for being instrumental in the amazing success of Sparx in her department. This includes helping her colleagues feel confident in the use of Sparx leading to consistent rates of 95%+.

Autumn 2022

Abi Lovell at Isca Academy

Abi was nominated for "taking on the role of Sparx Leader and pulling the school percentage from the high 60s to rolling 6-week average of 86%, A fantastic achievement."

Spring 2022

Daniel Findlay at The Petersfield School

Daniel was nominated because "Mr Findlay always encourages us to do our Sparx, and in detentions he doesn't leave us to just get on with it, he sits down next to us and helps us through every question. He's patient with us, and ever since Sparx was introduced as homework, there has been a noticeable increase both motivation to work hard and understanding of the topics, and it's all thanks to Mr Findlay encouraging us constantly. Also, I like the way he says "Do yo Sparx!" a lot, which I think about every time I remember I have Sparx homework to do. His kindness encourages me to complete my homework, which I didn't do very often before he became my teacher. I am eternally grateful to have someone like Mr Findlay as my teacher."

Laurence Cook at The Sir Robert Woodard Academy

Laurence was nominated for "Being the only person to have achieved 100% completion with his classes (multiple times). For being a great teacher and encouraging high completion levels with his positivity."

Theresa Jennings at The de Ferrers Academy

Theresa was nominated for "... being the driving force behind Sparx making sure all students, parents and teachers can support their students to be successful. She celebrates the successes by displaying and rewarding students who are doing well. She never gives up on anyone and continues to increase our percentages of completion each week."

Winter 2022

Chris Mayes at West Exe

Chris was nominated because "... his relentless positivity and support of his students means that he has the highest hand in rate and lowest detention rate in the school. He is always willing to give his time to not only his students but also repeatedly coming to catch up clubs to support other students across the school, all in his first year of teaching."

Jo Williams at Coombeshead

Jo was nominated for "going above and beyond to engage and promote Sparx and Maths at Coombeshead. In addition to the leaderboards for individuals and year groups and tutor groups, social media engagement, special goodie bags to go with Sparx certificates she also continually checks every students' homework progress so that she can get tutors to help students by sending them to the tutor time support sessions as well as overseeing the Sparx support sessions that are run every break time and after school."

Ashley Morgan at Winifred Holtby Academy

Ashley was nominated because "... he (Ashley) was really keen and on the ball sussing out what Sparx had to offer and sharing with the rest of the Maths Team. Plus Ashley has been really good with helping students at the detentions, encouraging and motivating them to do the work in their own time, whilst being there on most nights as friendly support."

Paul Bradfield-Morgan at Ss John Fisher & Thomas More RC High School

Paul was nominated for "ensuring that all pupils in Year 7 and 8 are fully signed up to Sparx Maths as we have introduced it this term, a forensic analysis of their performance, always supporting colleagues to make sure no pupils are left behind."