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FREE - Sparx Maths Y7-11 Curriculum

For first use in September 2023

Intelligently sequenced 5-year curriculum for Y7 to Y11

  • Based on over 10 years of experience & millions of data points.
  • Designed as a five year programme to give the time needed to cover key concepts in depth whilst ensuring full curriculum coverage.
  • Based on a careful blend of spiral and mastery principles, continually building upon key concepts to strengthen previous knowledge.
  • Structured with the flexibility to support and challenge all students, with suggested building blocks and opportunities for further teaching.
  • Caters for all exam boards in England.
  • Supported by high quality student and teacher resources aligned to the curriculum.

Supporting resources

Baseline assessment

Using the unique content from Sparx Maths, we've designed a free formative baseline assessment, to help you understand what your Year 7 students know and don't know.

Sparx Maths Baseline Assessment

Termly assessments

Designed using years worth of data, we are creating termly assessments aligned to the Sparx curriculum with accompanying mark schemes.

Sparx Maths Termly Assessment
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Termly revision workbooks

Carefully designed student workbooks to support all termly assessments, helping students to consolidate learning and identify gaps in their knowledge. Great for parental engagement.

Sparx Maths Termly Revision
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Example pairs

Example pairs covering key learning points for every topic, and versions with worked solutions.

Sparx Maths Example Pairs

Opportunities to deepen knowledge

Carefully selected questions for each topic demonstrating opportunities for all students to be stretched and their knowledge deepened.

Sparx Maths Opportunities to Deepen

Crossover workbooks

A series of workbooks that each focus on a particular strand of maths and contain questions from key crossover topics that appear in both the GCSE Foundation and Higher tier papers.

Sparx Maths Crossover Workbooks

Yr 6 to 7 transition booklet

We've selected over 130 questions from within Sparx Maths to help your Year 6 students transition to Year 7.

Sparx Maths Yr 6 to 7 transition booklet

GCSE to A-level transition booklet

We've selected over 120 questions from within Sparx Maths to help any student transitioning from GCSE to A-Level.

Sparx Maths GCSE to A-level transition booklet
Sparx Maths Curriculum

Free for all, supercharged for Sparx users

Sparx Maths users who adopt the Sparx Maths Curriculum can also benefit from:

  • Pre-built homework plans aligned with the Sparx curriculum, saving setup time at the start of the year.
  • Access to high quality content (over 47,000 questions and 11,500 videos) aligned to the curriculum.
  • Additional practice using Independent Learning to continue from the revision workbooks.
  • In-product QLA for the baseline assessment with reports comparing to national data and targeted followup work.