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We care about the evidence and build systems that make a difference

double-blind randomised controlled trial
Sparx Maths Homework conducted the first ever double-blind randomised controlled trial for an education technology product.

Students made
more progress with just 15 minutes of practice every week

Students using Sparx Maths Homework made 83% more progress with just 15 minutes of practice (in comparison to those who did no homework). For each further 15 minutes of practice they made 67% more progress.
1 hour

of Sparx Maths a week significantly improves grades

External research conducted by RAND Europe and Cambridge University found that using Sparx Maths for 1 hour a week significantly improves grades.
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Our product

We focus on learning



10,000support videos

We care deeply about creating high-quality content to ensure all students, no matter their background, can thrive. Our vast content library covers UK and international curricula and consists of 45,000+ questions and 10,000+ support videos.

data points

We use over 200 million data points to personalise every homework for every student.

This ensures students always receive homework that is both achievable and challenging . This means they experience success as well as being stretched by harder questions.


Unique learning innovations:


To promote high-quality written work, Sparx maths delivers bookwork checks to 100% of students as they complete their homework.

Clarity of student expectations

Students have a clear unambiguous target to answer 100% of their homework correctly each week.

Our difference

We reduce teacher workload whilst supercharging student learning

5 hours
saved each week
We save teachers up to 5 hours per week with 9 in 10 teachers saying that using Sparx has reduced their workload.
for all students
Sparx Maths helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds at the same rate as other students.
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engagement for
of students

For 95% of students, a parent/carer has engaged with our weekly supporting emails which provide updates on how their child is doing.

of students complete at least 30 minutes of homework

Students actually use our products the way they were designed. 92% of students in our partner schools complete 30 minutes or more of intelligent practice homework. 88% of students complete 60 minutes or more.

Over 99% of our personalisation choices are trusted by teachers

We believe that teachers know their students best, so we give them the option to override our personalisation if they prefer. However, teachers have only overridden our personalisation choices in less than 1% of homeworks generated.

Our reach

We are trusted, with Sparx Learning products being used in schools across the world

Sparx Maths is used in
countries across the world

Sparx Learning systems are used by over
1.8 million

Our team

We are united behind one mission

5 million
Our mission is to improve the life chances of 5 million learners across the world. We seek to do this by building research-based technologies that improve educational outcomes, empower teachers and motivate students.



Our team is made up of 90 experts, including outstanding teachers, academics, data-scientists, researchers and technologists.
10 years
of research

and development

We have dedicated 10 years to research and development, working closely with partner schools to build products that benefit both students and teachers.

Our awards

E assessment awardsBett 2020 finalistEdtech 50 2020Education Investor 2019 finalistERA 2020 winnerERA 2019 winnerTeach secondary awards 2019