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An intelligently sequenced 5-year curriculum for Y7 to Y11

Personalised maths homework, proven to boost student grades

  • 1 hour of Sparx Maths a week significantly improves student grades.
  • Can save up to 200 hours of teacher time per year.
  • Covers ages 11-16 for UK and international mathematics curricula.
  • Provides actionable insights for school leaders and teachers.
  • The evidence-based system that maths departments love.
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Baseline Assessment - Part Two

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Meet the members of the School Success Team

Meet the team - SST

Baseline Assessment - Part One

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Baseline Assessment - Part One

How is Sparx Maths different?

How will Sparx Maths support maths at your school?

Effective for all your students

Supercharges parental support with home practice

Significantly improves grades

Independently evaluated by University of Cambridge and RAND Europe.


Do you want to know how well Sparx Maths works and the impact it will have on your students?

What do our schools think?

We adopt a collaborative, supportive and customer-driven approach with our schools. This ensures we build what schools need and so that our innovations make a meaningful positive difference to teachers, parents and, of course, students.


See what our schools think...

Read what our schools think...

"I bloody love Sparx. If a job was offered to me somewhere else and they didn't have Sparx, I would say I won't even think of moving unless you get Sparx!"

Head of Maths at All Saints Plymouth

"Sparx Maths is the best homework programme we have ever used."

Maths department at Outwood Academy Ripon

"I have loved using Sparx Maths. We used another program before Sparx but it didn’t include as much as Sparx does. I really like that it differentiates and allows students to complete work independently by watching the videos. I would 100% recommend Sparx to other schools."

Chantel Rodas, Head of Maths at Rome International School

"I think it is important to say that I have never come across a company so eager to adapt, adjust and evolve their “brain child” to improve the progress of the students - that is not an easy thing to do!"

Assistant Headteacher at All Saints Plymouth

"Using Sparx (Maths) has completely changed our homework culture; more and more of our students now have a positive attitude towards homework which is amazing."

Katie Holt, Head of Maths at South Dartmoor Community College

"I failed my maths GCSEs and I can't even do simple maths, but (my son) has taught me times tables, algebra, and how to simplify and expand. I have learnt more maths from him in two weeks than I learnt my whole school years."

Parent of a student at Marine Academy Plymouth

School groups we work with...

Ted Wragg Trust
Internation Schools Partnership
United Learning
Internation Education Systems
Greenshaw Learning Trust
Outwood Grange Academies Trust
Education South West
Delta Academies Trust
West Country Schools Trust
Estuaries Multi Academy Trust

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Sparx Learning provides maths solutions to more than half of UK schools, several large International School Groups and many individual schools across the world. We now provide maths in 23 countries supporting over 2,000 schools, 35,000 teachers and 1.8 million students.





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