The Power of Sparx Maths for Schools

1. Promotes mastery

Develops every single student's understanding of maths concepts through personalised retrieval practice.

"Sparx is hugely important to United Learning. Sparx is not just about children logging on and completing work. It's about developing mastery, and children's understanding of maths becomes much more profound from using the platform."
Ben Antell, Regional Director, United Learning

2. Improves grades

Increases student outcomes, and so increases life chances, through an evidence-based programme that works.

"They're better mathematicians and I know this because their exam results are better... the constant exposure to the maths is making them better - it's great!"
Laura Jacobs, Trust Maths Director of Ted Wragg Trust, Assistant Headteacher, Head of Maths

3. Reduces workload

Reduces teachers' workload, which helps promote wellbeing and empowers teachers to do what they do best, teach!

"Whilst Sparx has reduced my teachers' workload through less marking, the quality and quantity of feedback because of Sparx has improved. My teachers absolutely LOVE it!"
Lindsay Skinner, Headteacher, St James School

4. Empowers you with data

Powerful insights at school group, school, class and student level, along with national and global comparisons that empower you and your staff to support your students in achieving their potential.

"The Greenshaw Learning Trust is really excited to have all of our schools using Sparx Maths homework. The way we are able to use the data provided by the Sparx team enables us to look at what is happening from a group, school, class and even individual student aspect. This ease of access along with the quality of the data allows us to have both a big picture oversight across GLT as well as support and celebrate individual students in schools."
Rhiannon Rainbow, School Improvement Lead, Greenshaw Learning Trust

5. Instills practice culture

Builds a powerful practice culture and evidences effective progression beyond the classroom, through engaged, confident and motivated students.

"Sparx has had a massive impact in our school... students really buying into the culture of homework. It's really raised the profile of maths in the students and also in the school."
Melanie Haselden, Principal of Salford City Academy